Sunrise in Grey Scale UPDATED.jpg


Artist Statement

I believe there are painters and there are artists. The former is committed to creating imagery with paint; an artist is simply committed to creating. I consider myself the latter because, very simply, I must create in order to be happy. I learned and accepted this about myself at a very young age.

I most often create through concept and metaphor, and my goal is always the same: to translate the energy of a subject through color and textured dimensionality. My works are complete when they feel organic. Creating, for me, is about feeling, not seeing.

The majority of my works are “sculptural paintings” – which is to say that I create visual images that are highly dimensional and tactile. The technique I use is a reinvention of the 15th century Impasto technique. I see and respond to the world in this way, so creating images that mirror that observation, experience and desire makes sense to me…it’s organic to me.

At the end of the day, and ultimately at the end of my life, I hope people see me as an example of a person who used whatever degree of talent he possessed to help —  to help push art along, to help others become creative, ignite passion for art, understand and honor creativity in all its forms. Whether it’s sewing a dress or building a bench, painting a picture, or doodling on their phone, being creative is good for one’s soul – and for the souls around you.